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Alexis Theodotou & Co LLC
June 10, 2021

Alexis Theodotou & Co LLC, is Cyprus based Law firm, duly registered and affirmed as a member of the Cyprus Bar Association, providing a vast array of legal, corporate and fiduciary services.

Our firm has been established and recognised as one of the most rapidly growing and expanding Law firms in the country, with offices both in Nicosia (Capital) and Larnaca (Head Offices) and affiliate companies who offer a spectrum of services including Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Corporate Management, Fiduciary Services and Business and Innovation consulting.

Our clients include individuals, businesses and corporations of all sizes, including many multinational companies and corporations based in other countries of the European Union.

Our company provides advice on all legal matters and challenges relevant to Cyprus and EC Laws, the Laws of England and Wales, Commonwealth Laws, International Trade and the doctrine of conflict of Laws.

Our team of professionals aspires to meet all the legal needs of our local and international clientele, offering them full legal support, listening and understanding their objectives, whilst providing them with practical advice and assistance.

Contact Information

Mr. Alexis Theodotou
2 Pentadaktylou Street
2nd Floor
Offices No. 101-103
6060 Larnaca
Phone: +357-24-400970
Fax: +357-24-400370
Email: info@theolaw.com.cy
Web: http://www.theolaw.com.cy