Ambassador Doherty’s remarks following her meeting with President Anastasiades

Ambassador Doherty with President Anastasiades

February 21, 2018

First I wanted to congratulate the President on his re-election and also to convey the White House’s congratulations to the President.  President Trump sent a letter of congratulations recently and we are very happy to see the results.

We’ve had a very good discussion about all the events that are happening including the issue of hydrocarbons and I relayed to the President that the United States feels very strongly that the Republic of Cyprus has the right to explore and exploit its resources in the EEZ and we reiterated that.

We are engaged in the issues relevant to the Eastern Mediterranean.  Secretary Tillerson, when he was in Ankara last week raised this issue with the Turks.  And so we are watching the events and also engage in these events, and hopefully the issue will be resolved, so we can move forward and start the talks again.

Thank you very much.