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The Department of State offers numerous tools for U.S. businesses and Cyprus businesses investing in the United States. These resources provide broad overviews of Cyprus’ key business and economic conditions to help you make the most informed business decisions. Please contact the U.S. embassy’s economic and commercial team for any assistance.

Contact Us

Mr. Ben Witorsch
Political-Economic Officer
Tel.: +357-22-393939
Email: nicosiaecon@state.gov

Ms. Ephie-Yvonnie Charalambidou
Commercial Specialist
Tel.: +357-22-393362
Email: charalambidouey@state.gov

Ms. Anna Agrotou
Commercial Specialist
Tel.: +357-22-393520
Email: agrotou@state.gov

Mr. George Demetriou
Economic Specialist
Tel.: +357-22-393361
Email: demetriougf@state.gov


Commercial Section
U.S. Embassy
Metochiou & Ploutarchou Streets
P.O. Box 24536
1385 Nicosia

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Commercial Section cannot assist with visas.  For questions concerning visas please call +357-22-232082 or send an email to consularnicosia@state.gov.