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Christodoulides Bros & Phadisco Ltd
June 10, 2021

Christodoulides Bros is an established importer and distributor for over one hundred leading global brands. Founded as Christodoulides Brothers Ltd in the 1930’s, the company has grown over the last 80 years to be a major representative servicing the Cyprus Market for many of the world’s finest companies. We provide logistics, distribution, marketing, sales, and merchandising in Cyprus for the mass market, pharmacies, and maternity clinics.

Phadisco is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Cyprus engaged in the exclusive representation, distribution, and sales of branded pharmaceutical products, over the counter products, medical equipment, and Diagnostics. Phadisco is serving the medical and pharmaceutical markets since 1966. Please contact Mr. Sotiris Kattamis, Marketing Manager, for more detailed information on Phadisco and any business cooperation possibilities. Also, please check the Phadisco website: http://www.phadisco.com.cy

Contact Information

Mr. George Georgiou
(Christodoulides Bros)
Marketing Manager
185 Yiannou Kranidioti Avenue
2234 Nicosia
Phone: +357-22-715000
Fax: +357-22-715100
Email: info@cbros.com.cy
Web: http://www.cbros.com.cy