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June 10, 2021

‘Our company utilizes a mentality of deep analytical analysis and a thought leadership approach that consistently enables a partnership model with our clients. This partnership aims to positively contribute to the core goals and objectives of the organization across time.

It is our goal to work thoroughly with our clients to build the framework for impacting their bottom line whilst subsequently contributing by leveraging best practices, our partnerships, and the global network.

We are excited to work with any business and to provide the right environment to shift from a usual business agenda to the provision of impactful and beneficial information that withstands a business’s long-term results’.

Business lines

(1) Professional Services on diversifying businesses to the Middle East
(2) Marketing, Branding, and Communications Services
(3) Business Transformation Services
(4) Sports

Contact Information

Mr. Stefanos Nicolaou
56 Stavrou Street
Karyiades Building
Office 204
2035 Nicosia
Phone: +357-99-492800
Email: stefanos.nicolaou@consultics.co
Web: www.consultics.co