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Health Alert – Flights from Larnaca to London
April 29, 2020

Location: Cyprus

Event: Health Alert – Flights from Larnaca to London 

The U.S. Embassy is aware of Aegean Airways flights from Larnaca to London Heathrow on Friday, May 1 and Saturday, May 2.  The flights are scheduled to depart Larnaca at 07:40am.  If you are interested in these flights, please click on the link below to provide your information:

Aegean flights for Heathrow    

By completing the form you grant permission for your information to be passed to the airline which will contact you directly to arrange tickets If you reside in the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” and are interested in this flight, please also email CyprusUSCitizen@state.gov immediately.   

These are commercially-operated flights and NOT U.S. government-operated flights.  U.S. citizens are responsible for arranging and purchasing follow-on tickets from London to the United States.  You must have a follow-on ticket to board this flight.  For information about transiting London, restrictions at the airport, and other travel information please visit the U.S. Embassy London’s COVID-19 webpage:  


We strongly advise U.S citizens temporarily in the Republic of Cyprus who want to return to the United States to consider this option unless they are prepared to remain in Cyprus for an indefinite period. This information is being provided for your consideration.  Please email CyprusUSCitizen@state.gov if you book a ticket on this flight. 

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