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Joint statement by the British High Commission, French Embassy, and the U.S. Embassy in Cyprus on Pyla/Pile
October 10, 2023

The British High Commission, the French Embassy, and the U.S. Embassy in Cyprus welcome the understanding reached to stabilize the situation on the Pyla/Pile plateau in the UN-Buffer Zone.

We recognize the constructive approach taken by the sides in this process, as well as the essential role of the UN, to find a way forward to develop Pyla/Pile in a manner that meets the needs of both communities and continues to ensure security in the area.

All three diplomatic missions reiterate full support for UNFICYP and for Special Representative of the Secretary General, Colin Stewart, in their engagement with the sides to avoid tensions in Cyprus that could undermine a peaceful settlement.

We call on both sides to remain flexible and open toward taking steps to resume negotiations and continue to emphasize the urgent need for the Secretary-General to appoint a UN envoy.