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September 8, 2022

The Nicosia Consular District comprises the Republic of Cyprus. This includes areas controlled by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and areas administered by Turkish Cypriots. As a result of the events on Cyprus in the summer of 1974, the northern third of the island, which includes the cities of Kyrenia and Famagusta, presently is under Turkish Cypriot administration; the southern two-thirds remains under the control of the Republic of Cyprus. The political situation remains unsettled. Legal matters involving Greek Cypriots and/or the government-controlled areas of Cyprus generally should be referred to lawyers from the Greek Cypriot community while those involving Turkish Cypriots and/or areas administered by Turkish Cypriots should be referred to lawyers from the Turkish Cypriot community.
In the Republic of Cyprus, the Cyprus Bar Association is located at 11 Florinis Street, Office 101, 1065 Nicosia, Cyprus. Tel: 22-87-3300, Fax: 22-87-3013, e-mail: cybar@cytanet.com.cy

In the areas administered by Turkish Cypriots, the “Bar Association” is located at Muftu Ziyai Street No. 8, Nicosia, Cyprus. Tel: 90-392-22-70841, Fax: 90-392-22-70840, e-mail: kktcbarolarbirligi@hotmail.com.

It is possible to dial Cyprus directly from a telephone in another country having direct-dial equipment. To do so, one must first dial the international access code in the country of origin, then the country and city codes, followed by the subscriber’s number. The country code for Cyprus is 357. City codes are listed below:
Nicosia “22”, Larnaca “24”, Limassol “25”, Paphos “26”.

In order to telephone areas administered by Turkish Cypriots from another country, one must first dial the country code for Turkey “90”, then the code for northern Cyprus “392”, followed by the subscriber’s telephone number.

Registered mail may be sent through the Republic of Cyprus postal service and a return receipt obtained. International reply coupons should be used when it is desired to prepay a reply.

The American Embassy at Nicosia, Cyprus assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms whose names appear below. The American Embassy at Nicosia cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of accepting legal advice or initiating legal action or for any legal fees and expenses. The lawyers themselves provided the information contained herein. The names are arranged alphabetically by city or district, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. All have identified the level of their fluency in English. The Cyprus Bar does not have a system of designated practice specialties like those which exist in some states in the U.S. Most lawyers in Cyprus will accept any kind of civil case. The list is not exhaustive.

(Last updated: 01 September 2022)