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The Initiatives of the United States toward Conflict Resolution in Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean at Large

Rotary Club of Nicosia Thank you so much for today’s invitation, and a particular thanks to your Chairman Dicran Ouzounian and to Ambassador Markides for the warm welcome. These are troubling times.  Rarely in past decades have we seen so many conflicts splitting apart countries and, leaving in their wake, millions killed and displaced.  This ...
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Op-Ed by Ambassador Doherty: End Violence Against Women

Imagine three women anywhere in the world: a celebrity, a family member, or a friend. Research indicates one of these three women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to stop it. A comprehensive 2014 study showed 33% of women in EU countries have also experienced physical and/or sexual ...
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U.S. Embassy Statement on Comments and False Attribution

Remarks attributed to Ambassador Kathleen A. Doherty at the Embassy’s annual reception in north Nicosia on November 5 are false. Neither the American Ambassador, nor any other American diplomat present, made any statement regarding the Turkish military. The U.S. Embassy rejects in the strongest terms the false attribution and incorrect reporting by the media. The ...
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