Remarks by Ambassador Doherty at the Merit Hotel

Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen…

I am pleased so many could attend this evening.

Tonight’s reception is an occasion for new friendships, new partnerships.

I look forward to getting to know all of you.

A little bit about me – I am from New York City, and have lived in some of the great large cities of the world: London, Sao Paulo, Rome, Moscow.

In each of these places, I have seen how people with great differences live side by side, develop friendships, and worked to together for a common goal, a better future for their children.  I have been inspired by their example as we are being inspired by yours.

As a friend to all Cypriots, the United States supports a shared Cypriot vision of peace and prosperity, and of a future that offers hope to all Cypriots.

Leaders in Washington are watching the discussions, rooting for success, and will help where we can.

I value our strong relationship with all of you.  My team will embody the U.S. Embassy’s mission statement:  Americans and Cypriots working together in the Eastern Mediterranean for peace, stability, and prosperity.

Speaking of my team – I would like to introduce some of the other newcomers in our Embassy.  They bring tremendous experience and enthusiasm to Cyprus:

  • Pol/Econ Chief Patrick Connell
  • Consular Chief Christine Jackson
  • Political Section Deputy Amanda Beck
  • Econ Section Deputy Veronica Torres
  • Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Randy Cole
  • Maj. Jack Lockhart, Assistant Army Attaché
  • Drug Enforcement Agent, Joe Hathaway

I look forward to getting to know you and to learning about Cypriot culture, especially your music, food, and traditions.

I hope you enjoy the evening.