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Renew Passport – By Mail

We are pleased to announce that, for your convenience, you can now apply for a passport renewal by mail.

Applicants may renew by mail if all the following applies. The applicant’s expiring/expired passport must be:

  • Undamaged;
  • Issued when they were 16 years of age or older
  • Issued within the last 15 years
  • Issued with a 10-year validity; and
  • Issued in the current name OR legal documentation for name change.

Applicants must send by registered mail to U.S. Embassy Nicosia through Cyprus Post: 

  • Their most recent U.S. passport and a black & white copy of their biographic/signature pages (the page with the photo and signature).
  • One (1) new 2×2 inch passport photograph that meets standard requirements
  • A completed, legible, and signedForm DS-82.
  • If applicable:  Evidence of any Change of Name since their previous passport– e.g. Marriage Certificate, Statutory Declaration or Court Order.
  • cashier’s check of 123.50 Euros drawn on local banks made out to (exactly): United States Embassy Nicosia Sweep. All application fees are non-refundable.
  • self-addressed, postage stamped (2.52 Euros) envelope.  (The U.S. Embassy will not address or stamp your envelope.)

The complete mailing address is: 
U.S. Embassy Nicosia
ATTN: Consular Passport Services
Metochiou & Ploutarchou Street
2407, Engomi
Nicosia, Cyprus

  • We recommend applicants send their application by registered mail so that they may track it.
  • Passports can only be submitted to ROC addresses.