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Renewing Your Passport in Person


Disregard the pre-printed and online form-filler instructions– the application should be submitted to the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia for processing.
Appointments are required. 
Please submit all of the following:
  1. Application form
    Completed, legible, and signed Form DS-82Application for a U.S. Passport. All applicants must provide their Social Security number on the application form – see our additional information. Your application must include an email address and contact phone number.
  2. Passport
    Most recent U.S. passport must be submitted with the application, along with a clear photocopy of the photo/biographic data page.
  3. Photo
    One (1) U.S. sized passport photograph
  4. Fee
    • Click here for the current fee.
    • cashier’s check drawn on local banks and made out to: United States Embassy Nicosia Sweep, or a valid credit card if you are paying in-person.
    • All application fees are non-refundable.
    • Incorrect payments cannot be accepted, even if there is an overpayment.
  5. Changing name
    If applicable, original documentation to support name change or change of other descriptive data. If not in English, please provide a translation.
  6. Damaged Passports
    For damaged passports: a signed statement outlining the reason the passport is damaged.
  7. Envelope
    A self-addressed envelope with postage stamps of €2.52
    • This MUST be provided for the return of your old and new passports.
    • The U.S. Embassy will not address or stamp your envelope for you.
    • Passports will only be returned to Republic of Cyprus addresses.


Passport Renew


Copies of documents are required.
  • Make clear copies of each supporting document to leave as part of an application. Copies should not be certified/notarized. Applicants who do not provide photocopies will be charged US $1.00 per photocopy.
  • If applying for a Social Security Number (SSN) please provide an additional copy of each of the following:
    • Applicant’s birth certificate
    • Applicant’s photo identification
    • Photo identification of the applicant’s parent(s) (if applicable)