Statement by A/S for Energy Resources Fannon after his meeting with Minister of Energy Lakkotrypis

Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Fannon with Minister of Energy Lakkotrypis and Ambassador Doherty

Thank you,

I am very much delighted to be here and thank you for the warm welcome from your office and the people of Cyprus.  As the Minister indicated this is part of regional trip for me.  We very much see the Eastern Mediterranean energy development as a region.  This is my second stop.  I was earlier in Israel, Cyprus now and then I will go on to Egypt to talk about energy development in the region. We view energy as a catalyst for cooperation and economic development an to benefit all the people in the region and Cyprus has a meaningful role to that end. We are very excited about the developments ongoing in the region and see great promise.

During our discussion with the Minister we certainly were happy to see U.S. company involvement and continued opportunities here. With respect to Cyprus in particular, we reiterated the U.S. long standing position of recognizing Cyprus’ rights to develop its resource wealth in its EEZ and we also continue our long standing position that we believe that resource wealth should be shared with all communities on the island equitably in the context of a comprehensive settlement.

We continue to advance Eastern Mediterranean energy as a priority.  This is hopefully will certainly won’t be my one and only trip to Cyprus.  I very much expect to be back here as we advance the broader energy cooperation for the region. 

Thank you.