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Tornaritis Law Firm
June 9, 2021

From its founding in 1924 to its present day status as a leading law firm Tornaritis has demonstrated a sustained commitment to excellence in the practice of law, public service and a civil society. Our practice and character are deeply rooted in the firm’s history, as exemplified in these historical profiles of our lawyers and services. Today, the firm includes lawyers who have the experience, maturity, and legal skills to handle a wide range of legal problems. Although the firm has matured from its beginnings in the early part of the twentieth century, the character of the firm is still true to the dreams and visions of its founders.

Contact Information

Mr. Criton Tornaritis, Senior Partner
16 Stasikratous Street
1065 Nicosia
Phone: +357-22-456056
Fax: +357-22-664056
Email: criton@tornaritislaw.com
Web: http://www.tornaritislaw.com